Make money promoting our wholly owned sweepstakes properties as well as those of high performing partners.  Choose from dozens of high converting, strong performing giveaways that are sure to earn well for you.  Some of our sites include Winloot, RewardIt, UWinIt, SweepsKing and PrizeCraze.  Other popular sites in our network include Scratchstakes, Prizes-Now, Quizloot and Sweeps4All to name a few.  Globalizer has paid out over $10,000,000 to our marketing partners since 2008, so you can be confident in receiving payouts on time.  Our founders have been in the sweepstakes space since the early 1990’s and in the online marketing since the mid 1990’s having worked for companies like Publishers Clearing House, and Traffix (owners of GroupLotto).

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Get your offer(s) in front of highly engaged users.  Our network of sites serve billions of ad impressions monthly.  Approximately 70% of our traffic is mobile web, with another 20% on desktop and the remaining 10% on tablet.  From sweepstakes sites to lifestyle and games, we can get your offer out to the audience you want to reach.

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Make more with your traffic.  Our highly popular giveaways drive high CTRs and with our competitive rates will yield strong eCPMs for most publishers.  Qualified pubs can run traffic via display, email/newsletters, push and more.  Contact us today and find out how to maximize your revenue with our deep bench of easy converting offers today.

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With the great majority of our traffic behind reg walls Globalizer ensures all leads, impressions and inquiries are of the highest quality.

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Because all of our users and all of our impressions sit safely behind reg walls you don’t have to worry about bots, incent clickers and the other hazards of the industry.  We engage with millions of real users each month.


Contact us to get your offer in front of our highly engaged, highly qualfied users. Our network of sites serve billions of impressions each month.


Contact us to discuss ways we can help you drive qualified traffic to your sites. All of our users sit safely behind reg walls and are highly engaged. We offer publishers numerous ways to leverage our network.

Global Reach

Globalizer web properties reach from the United States to Canada, Australia, South Africa and more.