A Worldwide Mix of Unique Offers Guaranteed to Maximize Publisher ROI

Globalizer is the internet's worldwide Affiliate Network. Globalizer brings you offers spanning North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and South America. We can help you monetize your traffic regardless of its geographical source.

Why join the Globalizer Network:

This is not your average affiliate network. They're all about educating publishers on how to best monetize their inventory whether search, email, display, social or incentivized and share the tricks they've learned since running online media since 1996.
- Jeremy Schoemaker, Shoemoney
  • Get Paid for EVERY Lead, Accurate Real-Time Reporting

    Using direct pixel post technology (cookie-less tracking), our tracking is far more accurate and reliable than what many other networks are currently using. Why settle for old fashioned cookie-based pixel reporting, used by many other affiliate networks that will understate your numbers by 3-20% when you can get 99.99% accurate reporting? We realize how critical accurate reporting is when trying to optimize a campaign, and always place server to server pixels with Advertisers that are set up to handle them.

    Additionally, where most networks keep that fall-off as additional margin, Globalizer adds ALL additional leads back into your account when we reconcile our numbers against advertiser reports. Not only should you see a higher conversion rate in real-time allowing you to best optimize and scale your campaigns, you are guaranteed to be paid on EVERY valid lead/sale you generate.
  • Highest Payouts... probably. Highest EPC... definitely.

    We own or directly manage many of the offers found on our affiliate network. Additionally, we drive massive amounts of high quality traffic to many of the offers on our network through our own internal efforts. This allows us to command higher payouts than what many other networks are able to get. Moreover, Globalizer passes these increases over to our publishers. In a sea of networks re-brokering the same offers, competition is fierce and while many may use "Guaranteed Top Payouts" as their catch phrase, most fall to unscrupulous measures to provide that optical illusion. Because of our direct relationships and leverage as a result of providing high volume and quality traffic via internal traffic sources, we're usually able to top those payouts anyway. But if that weren't enough, our guarantee to pay you on every valid lead generated will surely bring your EPC to new heights. We realize higher earnings result in greater scale.
  • Top Notch Support

    Work closely with our team of direct marketing veterans that understand our success depends on your success. We're here when you need us and have you covered in all facets. We're a multi-dimensional network, so there is a lot more you can get out of us than a higher payout.
  • Global Offers

    Globalizer is a true, worldwide network offering a unique mix of offers not seen in most US based affiliate networks.
  • Highest Payouts

    We own or directly manage many of the deals found on our affiliate network ensuring top rates for our publishers.
  • Our Easy, User Friendly Interface

    Enables you to quickly launch campaigns and effortlessly track your statistics in real time.
  • Custom Creative

    For qualified publishers, GlobalizerNetwork will create customized banner and email creative as well as landing pages to make the offers you promote even more unique.

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