November 2009  

Facebook Ads for Affiliates

Product Update: Friend of Connections targeting

How do you find more fans for your Facebook Page, more people to interact with your application, or more people to engage with your business?

Target friends!

"Friends of Connections" targeting is now available for Facebook Ads. Expand your audience reach by delivering your ads to the friends of people already connected with your Page, Application, Group or Event.

In addition to harnessing the social graph by targeting friends, every "Friend of connection" targeted ad includes social content about a friend's interaction with your business. For example, Annie is a fan of the Etsy Page. If Etsy wanted to promote their Facebook Page or a page on their website, they could choose to target an ad to Annie's friends by selecting the "Friend of connection" filter. Annie's friends would receive an ad with the following sentence: "Annie is a fan of this Page." Annie's friends are therefore more because Annie's association with Etsy is showcased directly in the ad.

Look for the "Target users whose friends are connected to:" field in the targeting interface. As you begin to type the name of your Page, Application, Group or Event in the field, the names of eligible content that you admin or manage on Facebook will appear.

Amplify the relevancy of your ad by targeting friends of connections.


Spotlight on: Globalizer

icon Globalizer is a fast-growing online agency handling media buys for dozens of advertisers across over 75 countries. Globalizer handles all types of online media, but specializes in the social media space.

This ad is for a hugely successful campaign for an application that Globalizer runs all over the web across many of the largest networks; however, Facebook is their largest source of quality users.

"We highly recommend Facebook for anyone who is serious about online advertising."

Why Facebook?

"The targeting, in particular, has delivered big wins on on campaigns across a dozen industries in more than 75 countries."

"Unlike search, where you only reach people running a given query at a specific time, Facebook lets you reach users by broader, deeper attributes, at any time."

Their Strategy:

TEST "For us, images and headlines are the most important click drivers, and for each new campaign we test at least ten of each."

INTERNATIONALIZE "12% of Canadian users list their language as French. You'll get much better results incorporating this fact into your campaigns, and targeting French copy to that 12% and English copy to the rest."

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS "The final ingredient to Globalizer's success has been the team we've worked with at Facebook. Their input has been invaluable in helping craft our campaigns and reach the right audience. Whether in helping with translations, making targeting suggestions, confirming policy, or keeping us on top of the latest creative tips,they've helped Globalizer immensely."

icon Case study by Joe Frevola & Mark Colacioppo,co-founders of Globalizer.

November Notes


The Facebook Advertising team held a webinar on how to create a Facebook Ad in September. If you know someone just starting out with Facebook advertising, it's a great resource: click here!

Events icon

Tuesday, November 10:
Friends of Connection targeting launched.

Thursday, November 26
Thanksgiving Day:
enjoy a home-cooked meal with family or loved ones.

Friday, November 27
Black Friday:
traditionally, one of the largest shopping days of the year.

Monday, November 30
Cyber Monday: the Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend. A popular day to feature great online shopping deals, provide coupon codes or discounts.

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Will it Scale?

Testing ad targeting, image and copy variations are critical to gauging success and ensure ROI. The new Facebook Ads API and Bulk Uploader (currently in private Beta) will allow you to create thousands of ads with different creative and targeting combinations, as well as optimize their bidding strategy. While currently in limited release, the goal is to have both tools available to all advertisers by August 2010.

Documentation on the API can be found HERE.

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