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Let Globalizer help you leverage various local advertising media such as search and social sites to help drive highly targeted users who are actively interested in your goods and services. We have the ability to target right down to the zip code, ensuring that you only pay for users in the regions you designate. Globalizer can help you build your web presence and drive high quality customers on a 100% performance basis guaranteeing that you only pay when we send you bona fide leads. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, contractor, car dealer, real estate agent or insurance agent, Globalizer knows how to help grow your business at a positive ROI. Let us help you today.


Globalizer offers a vast amount of services for our client’s in order to provide them with the best possible marketing campaigns and return on investment.

Tap into the millions of people who are searching for local products and services

Globalizer’s team taps into the millions of people who are online searching for local products and services.

Globalizer targets customers based on geographic and demographic information that you give us. This allows us to target the exact set of customers you wish to hear from, giving you the best chance at making a sale.

Because we target only the customers you wish to hear from, we are able to get our clients leads for a cost that is effective and highly competitive.

Globalizer provides our customers with detailed reporting showing how our campaigns are performing, what customer segments are showing the greatest interest and constantly optimizing our marketing efforts to supply our clients with the best tools available to generate sales.



Mark Colacioppo, a graduate of the School of Management at Binghamton University in 1994 started his career at Publishers Clearing House where he managed magazine and merchandise programs totaling over $100,000,000 in sales annually. His first web marketing experience was in 1996 where he was responsible for launching the merchandise side of In mid 1999 he worked as VP of Marketing at Network60 where he developed numerous highly trafficked and profitable web properties including OneStopWinning which was sold to in 2000. After Network60 was acquired, Mark went on to start internet marketing firm Hot Rocket Marketing Inc. which was acquired by Traffix in early 2005. While part of Traffix, Mark's team oversaw media buying for Traffix and built the RocketProfit into a substantial player in the affiliate marketing space. Mark left to form Globalizer soon after Traffix / Rocket Profit were acquired by New Motion / Atrinsic.

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Keith O’Brien - Internet Marketing Expert with over 10 years experience at companies such as Webstakes, LuckySurf and helping advertisers utilize email, search and online promotions to drive sales, traffic, leads and positive brand awareness.  Prior to the internet, Keith spent 7 years helping advertisers market directly to and through national distributors, wholesalers and retailers utilizing retailer oriented publishing across a wide variety of categories.  Before publishing, Keith worked as a consultant with wide array of local businesses for several years constructing and implementing marketing plans.  Clients included medical, retail, restaurant, entertainment and sports/recreation businesses.  Keith’s consulting experience is based on 7 years working across several retail channels and 4 years working directly with retailers to build sales and promotions on behalf of National Brands.

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TG Home Improvement - We tried online marketing ourselves but with little to no success. We were getting false leads and spending money on marketing with no results. I then met with the Globalizer team and they explained to me how their performance marketing would allow me to only pay for qualified leads. The difference Globalizer made was amazing. The team there really understands my business and my customer base.

Ken’s Faucets and Toilet Repairs – I had never tried online marketing before, strictly a yellow pages/pennysaver advertiser. I met with Tom Gricka and we discussed how a large amount of potential customers only look online for services now. We started working together last year and now a large percentage of my NEW customers come from Globalizer and their online marketing efforts. I would recommend the team there to anyone in a service type industry.

Some of Our Success Stories...


Case Study 1

Globalizer ran an advertising program for eMusic on Facebook, taking advantage of the powerful Facebook targeting abilities to promote eMusic's subscription plans for music and audio books..

  • By targeting fans of specific artists and book titles, Globalizer was able to increase click throughs by 3 to 5 times on average, enabling the delivery of a inexpensive, very targeted traffic to eMusic's landing pages.
  • Globalizer developed artist landing pages for eMusic, which highlighted artist images and album art specific to each campaign. This increased conversions on the eMusic pages by approximately 30%.
  • By combining targeted traffic with customized ads and landing pages, Globalizer was able to generate a large number of subscriptions to eMusic in a placement that otherwise did not perform for the advertiser without granular targeting.

Case Study 2

A cosmetics service partner was looking to drive leads for individuals interested in laser hair removal. Globalizer was able to take advantage of Facebook's demographic targeting abilities to drive very high quality leads that the advertiser was able to convert to paid customers.

  • Dozens of images and creative were tested targeting with both men and women in different age groups. A handful of ads were rolled out due to their ability to generate high rates of click through, as well as excellent conversion to quality leads. Different custom ads were selected for men and women based on effectiveness within each demographic.
  • Globalizer sent most of the traffic to women on Facebook in the 18 to 30 year old age range. This demographic turned out to be the best performing target and converted best for the advertiser on the backend.
  • Leads convert best for the advertiser when they can contact them quickly. This campaign was day parted to run primarily between the hours of 9AM and 5PM. Since it was run during business hours, the advertiser had staff that could contact many of the leads immediately and had an increased chance of conversion to paid customer.

Case Study 3

Local Self-Storage Company decided to run online advertising campaigns on

  • Over 50% increase in same store total rentals versus prior year.
  • 10% conversion rate from visits originating from Facebook Ads.
  • $100 average rentals; $600 average life time value per customer

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Case Study 4

Off Broadway show running an online campaign targeting not only fans of Musical broadway shows but fans of the musical style of the show.

  • Conversion of clicks to ticket purchases – 30.2%
  • Total revenue generated from campaign - $43,130
  • Total return on investment – 877%

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